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When placed around a living space, these low-profile wireless devices are able to detect specific activities, like movement, temperature, or the opening or closing of a door. Then they tell other smart devices how to react—smart lights, plugs, speakers, thermostats, and so on—all in an instant, and without requiring any direct commands or effort from you. Some detect just one activity, while others are multitaskers. Install one and you might solve a single problem—add a bunch and you’re on your way to having a home that runs on autopilot.

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You might install a motion sensor at the top of a stairway and then, using an app, instruct it to turn on a light downstairs whenever someone walks by at night. If you want to take it to the next level, you might program it so in the morning it tweaks the thermostat, and then starts playing music when you come downstairs. A contact sensor on an exterior door might be used to alert you whenever an Airbnb tenant arrives, or perhaps if the back door has been left open at night. And a temperature sensor in a child’s room (or a chicken coop) can alert you if it gets too hot, cold, humid, or dry, and if you like, even have it adjust a fan or the thermostat automatically. “To get a smart home, you need sensors,” said Mitch Klein, executive director of the smart-home technology group Z-Wave Alliance.

For this guide we tested a few dozen smart sensors that are compatible with three of the most popular DIY smart-home systems: Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings (Google Home, while popular, has yet to offer meaningful support for smart sensors). Those systems, often called “platforms,” are controlled by their own app and are important because they let you connect your smart sensors with other smart devices, and then customize how they all work together.

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Below you’ll find our favorite picks, plus a few good alternatives, for the three major types of smart sensors: motion, temperature, and contact.

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